Moving to France from the UK

An overview of what needs to be considered when a client moves to France from the UK and  the use of Assurance Vie

Key Learning Points

The case study discussion looks at the issues when moving to France and how an Assurance Vie can be used 
  • UK and France - main differences from a financial planning perspective
  • Becoming French resident
  • Timing the set up of the Assurance Vie (AV)
  • Explaining an AV
  • Taxation of investments in France as compared to AV
  • French estate taxes and AV
  • UK inheritance taxes
  • Returning to the UK with an AV and possible pitfalls
  • Drawing on UK pensions once French resident

David Denton

Head of International Technical Sales, Quilter International, South of England. FPFS TEP Chartered Financial Planner. As Quilter International’s head of international technical sales, David works with financial advisers and their clients all over the world, specialising in taxation, trusts and pensions.

With several decades of international experience, David has built a strong reputation and is a respected speaker on industry matters and technical subjects.