Sunita Singh Dalal: Unpacking Wealth Planning Trends from the UAE & Saudi Arabia

Unpacking the Wealth Planning Trends from the UAE and Saudi Arabia with David Bell and Sunita Singh Dalal

If you're interested in learning about the latest wealth and asset structuring trends from the UAE, Saudi Arabia, India, the UK and the US, you won't want to miss this special interview.

David Bell sits down with Sunita Singh Dalal of Hourani & Partners to discuss these topics in detail. You'll get an in-depth look into what family offices are seeing in terms of relocation to Dubai, what wealth structuring options are available in the UAE, and which countries wealthy families from Saudi Arabia tend to invest in.  

Sunita’s profile in Chambers & Partners (here) describes herself as someone with an impressive practice built on advising high net worth individuals and families in the UAE. One interviewee remarks: "Sunita has a great knowledge of the market in the Middle East, is culturally aware and a great pleasure to work with." Another says: "Sunita's standing and reputation in the private wealth industry correlates with her very strong ability to handle complex and sophisticated private client matters."

One client states that "Sunita has a personable approach with clients and intermediaries alike and is generous with both her time and knowledge."
In this interview they also cover:

  • Background on Hourani & Partners 
  • What are the latest trends from the region? 
  • What trends are you seeing in terms of relocation to Dubai? 
  • What wealth structuring options exist in the UAE? 
  • Are you seeing firms setting up offices in Dubai to better serve their clients? 
  • What is happening in the Crypto and Digital Assets space? 
  • The Global Family Business and Private Wealth Centre was recently established, what is it setting out to do? 
  • What are the latest trends from your work with wealthy Indian families? 
  • Hourani & Partners is a firm based in Saudi Arabia, what trends do you see from there? 
  • How do countries like the UK & US feature for wealthy families from Saudi Arabia?
  • What's your assessment of demand for ESG investments? 
  • How can families create structures that are more robust and prevent disputes arising in future? 
  • What's your sense of how culturally aware those travelling in from outside the UAE are to the needs of local clients?

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