Shingai Ngara from Portals Group: An In-Depth Conversation on Opportunities in the South African Economy

An In-Depth Conversation on Opportunities in the South African Economy with Shingai Ngara from Portals Group

Are you an international investor looking to get a better understanding of the trade and investment opportunities in South Africa? In this exclusive interview with Shingai Ngara from Portals Group, you will get a first-hand account on the trends, challenges, and opportunities in the South African economy. Learn about the asset classes foreign investors are seeking out in South Africa, what opportunities have arisen from supply chain disruption, and how currency impacts foreign investments.

You'll also hear about potential for UK/SA trade and investment, what incentives exist for young people to work abroad before returning to South Africa, as well as Shingai's outlook for 2023.

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Portals Global Consulting Group provide their global clients with unrivaled access to the best strategic partners and resources. Their triple value proposition in Capital Mobilisation, Consulting, and Capacity Building is designed to propel your vision forward, whether you're in the USA, other OECD countries, or Frontier and Emerging Markets. They can help you implement strategies to maximise your business value and reach your goals.
With Shingai Ngara's impressive background in metallurgy and financial services, he brings consulting experience in the mining value chain, logistics, property, and entrepreneurial development in the private sector. He's also contributed thought leadership on Africa's economic development. Additionally, Shingai has worked in the public sector and multilateral engagements, including in the Green Economy and Clean Energy Transition, as well as in the Health sectors. 

In this interview they also cover:

  • What's your perspective on opportunities in the South African economy?
  • How does Portals Group help South African clients heading overseas?
  • What asset classes do foreign investors seek in South Africa?
  • How has supply chain disruption created opportunities in South Africa?
  • How do you work with clients in South Africa on capital raising?
  • How does currency impact foreign investors?
  • What opportunities do you see for UK / SA trade & investment?
  • Is there an opportunity for UK companies setting up subsidiaries in South Africa?
  • How would you contrast South Africa with Nigeria & Kenya in the fintech arena?
  • What about the US market for SA firms?
  • What's your read on the trading opportunity with the US from South Africa?
  • What's your assessment of NextGen entrepreneurs in South Africa?
  • Exchange Controls are being relaxed in South Africa, do you see this helping investment in South Africa?
  • How can you help family businesses in South Africa expand internationally?
  • How do you see young people going abroad to work and return to South Africa?
  • What's the outlook for 2023?

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