Tanya van Lill: Key Trends in Private Equity and ESG Investing in South Africa

Metier's Tanya van Lill Explains Key Trends in Private Equity and ESG Investing in South Africa

If you're curious about Private Equity trends, investment opportunities, and the tech sector in South Africa, Nigeria, and Kenya then don't miss this video! In this fascinating discussion between David Bell and Tanya van Lill, Head of Investor Relations and Impact at Metier in Johannesburg, you'll learn what investors are looking for in these markets, how companies can secure venture capital support, how ESG considerations play a role, and more. Plus they touch on what Generation Z is looking for when it comes to investing responsibly. Get ready to learn more about the exciting world of private equity – press play now!

Tanya joined the private equity and venture capital industry when she became CEO of SAVCA in March 2017, after a rewarding 10-year career at the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS) with her last role being Director of Academic Programmes where she also served on the board of the Executive MBA Council (EMBAC), an international academic association that represents the Executive MBA industry.

Tanya is passionate about developing the private equity and venture capital sector in Southern Africa - given the need for investment in the region and the continent. Through personal experiences, she understands the complexities entrepreneurs face during the various stages of their business lifecycle and is a regular contributor at various events to help entrepreneurs, and investors, understand the value and impact of private equity and venture capital - especially related to Africa.
In this interview they also cover:

  • Tanya's background at Metier
  • What are the key trends in Private Equity in South Africa?
  • Which are the top industry sectors?
  • What are the most exciting investment opportunities in South Africa?
  • How would you contract the Tech sector in South Africa, Nigeria & Kenya?
  • Is there support for businesses raising Venture Capital in South Africa?
  • Do HNW clients invest in private equity? How is this different from the venture capital scene?
  • What do you think of the spirit of enterprise in South Africa?
  • How have trends in ESG developed?
  • Is there a return trade off in Impact Investment - are you giving up returns?
  • How does currency affect foreign investors in their decisions?
  • Is the advisor base interested in talking to clients about ESG?
  • Do NextGen have a different view on ESG & Impact Investment?
  • Do certain parts of the ESG spectrum get more attention?
  • Do you work with professionals internationally?

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