Sep 13

Sally Tennant OBE: Working with wealthy families in Saudi Arabia

Sally Tennant OBE: Working with wealthy families in Saudi Arabia

We had the pleasure of chatting with Sally Tennant OBE, the founder of Acorn Capital Advisers.

Sally shares her experience of working with clients in Saudi Arabia and explains how her firm plans to preserve & enhance their wealth. We also discuss her vision for working with strong female clients who want customised wealth management services. Furthermore, we dive into London's current standing as a hub for investment and independent investment advice. Sally provides valuable insights on collaborating with professionals like trustees and lawyers to ensure effective governance and investment strategies.

We dive into her experience working with Saudi family offices and how she builds trust through face-to-face interactions. She shares insights on the value of independent investments, especially in private equity, and how philanthropy and legacy play a role in investment decisions. We also discuss trends she's noticed in the GCC region and how impact is becoming more important in investing. 

Join us as we learn from one of the best in the business!

In this interview they also cover:

  • What can you tell us about Acorn Capital Advisors and its interest in Saudi Arabia? 
  • What's your experience of Saudi Arabia?
  • What are the people you want to try and meet and discuss with?
  • How do you envision working with strong females who know what they want in terms of wealth management and services in Saudi Arabia?
  • Do you think London still has that number one spot or certainly up there in terms of their investment and independent investment advice?
  • Do you often collaborate with professionals such as trustees or lawyers for governance and investment strategies?
  • Are Saudi family offices open to your strategic investment advice despite their focus on businesses and real estate?
  • What's your view over the coming years as to how things might develop?
  • How do you build trust through face-to-face interactions, and what's your experience in doing so?
  • Is the value of independent investments particularly evident in areas like private equity?
  • Have you noticed any trends from Saudi or the GCC in general around how families want to give philanthropically or as part of legacy?
  • Does impact come through into the way they're investing as well more broadly?

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