Ronald Graham: Wealthy Clients Moving to Dubai, Crypto & Digital Assets and the Property Market

Ronald Graham discusses Wealthy Clients Moving to Dubai, Structuring Investments and the Property Market 

Have you ever wanted to know what's drawing wealthy clients to Dubai? Or how their influx of wealth is affecting professional services? In this informative video, join David Bell and Ronald Graham, the Managing Partner of Taylor Wessing's #Dubai office, as they discuss what's bringing people to the city and what makes it attractive to entrepreneurs. Learn about #Crypto & Digital Assets and find out why more Next Gen clients are looking for something new from their service providers. Plus, discover the Dubai property market and gain insight on what makes a great private wealth lawyer. 

Ronald Graham is the Managing Partner of Taylor Wessing's Dubai office and the Head of Private Wealth in the UK. His clients comprise ultra-high net worth individuals, families, multi-family offices, family-owned businesses, fiduciaries and funds. In addition to advising on international trust and local Dubai foundation structures, Ronald advises clients on a range of corporate and commercial transactions, with particular expertise advising owners of, and investors in, banking M&A and commercial property including office, residential developments and hotels. Ronald is renowned for his interpersonal skills in advising companies and individuals on their strategic and structural decisions and on investments.

In this interview they also cover:
  • Ronald Graham background at Taylor Wessing
  • What is drawing wealthy clients to Dubai at the moment?
  • What impact does the influx of wealth have on professional services?
  • Where are you seeing clients moving to Dubai from?
  • What about activity on Alternative Assets in Dubai - private equity & venture capital?
  • Tell us about the innovation in the legal sector giving advisors new options for structuring assets
  • Do you see entrepreneurs creating and expanding new business ideas in Dubai?
  • What about developments on Crypto & Digital Assets?
  • Do Next Gen clients want something new in service providers?
  • Do you think Family Charters are useful documents for family governance?
  • What do you see in the Dubai property market?
  • On the commercial property front, how do you see the market for office space & business services?
  • What makes a really good private wealth lawyer?
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