Nicky Gouder: Unlocking Malta's Permanent Residents Program

Unlocking Malta's Permanent Residents Program with Nicky Gouder - Questions Answered

Chapman interviews Nicky Gouder, a Partner from Seed Consultancy in Malta who is a specialist in international taxation with expertise in Malta's tax legislation.

With extensive knowledge in catering to both local and international clients of a diverse range of industries, Nicky currently serves as Tax & Private Clients Partner, guiding individuals through residence and citizenship programs in Malta and other locations.

In this short interview, Ken inquires about Malta's Permanent Residents Program, its development in light of other closures, and its criteria for acceptance. He further questions Nicky about the Global Citizenship Program, the rationale for people opting for Malta, and the services Nicky offers to assist them.

In this interview they also cover:

  • Background on Malta Permanent Residents program
  • Has Malta benefited from the closure of other programs?
  • What are the qualifying criteria for Malta Permanent Residence Program?
  • When was the program set up and how many families have benefited from it?
  • What about the Global Citizenship program?
  • Why do clients choose Malta?
  • How do you help clients?

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