Matt Turner: Getting to Know Rossall School

Getting to Know Rossall School: An Interview with Headmaster Matt Turner
In this video, David sits down with Matt Turner, Headmaster at Rossall Preparatory School & Nursery to get all the inside info on what makes this school so special.

From learning about the school's ethos and values, to finding out more about the British education system in South Africa, you won't want to miss a second of this interview. Plus, if you're considering boarding school for your child or just interested in how foreign students fit into the picture, this video is perfect for you. Matt also covers the admissions process and school fees so that you have a full understanding of what Rossall has to offer.

So sit back, grab some popcorn and enjoy this informative and engaging chat with Matt Turner. Don't forget to hit that subscribe button for more great content!

In this interview they also cover:
  • Could you tell us more about Rossall School?
  • Could you describe the school?
  • What prompted your trip to South Africa?
  • Is there a good understanding of the British education system in South Africa?
  • Does British education have a strong brand in South Africa?
  • In what scenarios do children come to school - whole family move or coming by themselves?
  • Is University part of the picture with boarding school education for foreign students?
  • How do you support younger children?
  • Describe the admissions process?
  • How did COVID impact the school?
  • What about school fees?
  • Have you got more travel plans for 2023?

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