Mark Brooks on UK Boarding School Education in South Africa

Learn all about Mark Brooks Education, an advisory company that specialises in providing top-notch educational services to families in South and West Africa.

David Bell chats with Mark Brooks himself and explores the company's activities and what makes it so successful. Discover more about the opportunities they offer students, the types of schools they work with, and the advisory process. Plus, find out what intermediaries are involved in the wealth sector. So join us as we dive into Mark Brooks Education - the future of higher education for South and West African families!

In this interview they also cover:

  • Q&A with Mark Brooks, Mark Brooks Education
  • What have you been up to in South Africa?
  • Tell us more about Mark Brooks Education?
  • How do you describe your advisory process?
  • Do you work with schools across the UK?
  • Do you work with certain schools more with families from South Africa?
  • Do the schools you work with understand the opportunity of coming to South or West Africa?
  • What do you see in West Africa?
  • How many trips a year do you make to Africa?
  • Do your events in Nigeria just feature British schools?
  • Is considerating UK boarding schools part of parent's aspiration to get children into leading universities?
  • What kind of intermediaries do you work with in the wealth sector?

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