Majid Hussain of Evelyn Partners: Tax, Residency and Investing in UK Real Estate

An Interview with Majid Hussain of Evelyn Partners - Tax, Residency and Investing in UK Real Estate

In this video, David talks to Majid Hussain from Evelyn Partners about how they work with clients in the GCC on UK real estate matters. They cover topics like inheritance tax, crypto and digital assets, business investments in the UK Fintech sector, UK residency trends from the GCC, and the importance of getting pre-arrival planning right. Plus, they touch on the key trend of investing in private markets. Whether you're an investor or just curious about real estate matters in the GCC, this is a video you don't want to miss. So hit that play button and let's get started!
Majid Hussain joined Smith & Williamson in 2021 as Partner in our Private Client Tax team. Majid brings experience and expertise on all areas of private client tax, with a specific focus on international families with complex overseas structures. Majid advises high net worth individuals such as private equity executives, entrepreneurs and non-UK domiciled individuals on all aspects of private client tax. This includes advising individuals coming to and leaving the UK, the taxation of overseas structures including trusts and succession planning.

In this interview they also cover:

  • Background on Majid & Evelyn Partners
  • How do you work with clients in the GCC on UK Real Estate matters?
  • Inheritance Tax is a big issue for foreign investors into UK real estate, how should clients in the GCC consider its impact?
  • Low cost debt was often part of IHT planning but the cost of that debt is changing, how should clients review plans in place?
  • What activity do you see in the UK regions from the GCC?
  • Is Student Accommodation still popular for international investors?
  • What about crypto and digital assets?
  • Do families in the GCC look for business investments in the UK in Fintech sector?
  • What do you see on UK residency trends from the GCC?
  • Why is getting pre-arrival planning right so important?
  • What kind of planning do you see for longer term UK residents?
  • Do you see business investment reliefs being utilised?
  • Investing in private markets is a key trends, what do you see there?
  • How have you seen the development of laws in the UAE assisting your planning?
  • You are travelling to Saudi & Oman, what trends do you see there?

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