Aug 21

Kathy Crewe-Read Reveals Insights into Education & College Life at Bishop's Stortford College

Kathy Crewe-Read Reveals Insights into Education & College Life at Bishop's Stortford College

In this exclusive interview, we sit down with Kathy Crewe-Read, the College Head at Bishop's Stortford College and learn about the key statistics and diverse student population. We also delve into some interesting topics such as international education and the importance of a well-rounded education for students. Whether you're a prospective student or just curious about college life abroad.
Discover what lies ahead for students after completing their education at Bishop's Stortford College. Kathy Crewe-Read also shares insights on higher education choices, travel experiences and their engagement with parents. Learn how technology bridges communication and progress reporting to parents, and how remote admission processes are managed. Uncover the vibrant alumni community's involvement and find out the next steps for those interested in learning more about Bishop's Stortford College. Subscribe for insightful discussions on education and more!

In this interview they also cover:

  • Interview with Kathy Crewe-Read, College Head, Bishop’s Stortford College
  • Why don't you tell us a little bit more about your connection to the island?
  • Tell us more about the college and what the key statistics are?
  • Are there more specific parts of the world where students tend come from to attend your school?
  • What do you think it means to international families sending kids to school in the UK or moving to the UK?
  • Is a fully rounded education essential for students' development?
  • Where do your pupils typically go after completing their education at your school? 
  • Do they often pursue higher education at universities in the UK?
  • Do you travel with Mark Brooks and actively engage with parents? Where are the places you typically go to connect with families?
  • Does the technology enable you to report back to parents on progress and how things are going?
  • How do you find managing the admission process and entrance exams remotely?
  • Is there an active alumni community? And are they still involved with the current pupils?
  • What are the next steps for those who would like to find out more?

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