Feb 6 / Dominic Volek

Investment Migration: A Gateway to Crypto-Friendly Countries

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Dominic Volek
Group Head of Private Clients at Henley & Partners 

The total market value of crypto is an astonishing USD 1.2 trillion, according to Henley & Partners’ Crypto Wealth Report — a clear signal that this significant asset class is here to stay. The increasing prominence of digital assets in high-net-worth individuals’ portfolios signifies that in future, digital assets are set to be a significant source of wealth — the fast-growing cohort of crypto millionaires should not be overlooked. Crypto-friendliness is a key driver of interest in residence and citizenship by investment programs, whereby affluent global investors acquire residence rights or citizenship of a host country in return for an investment. Rising demand for programs in crypto-friendly countries such as Antigua and Barbuda, Greece, Malta, and Portugal prompted Henley & Partners to produce a Crypto Adoption Index, which compares the best investment migration programs for crypto investors. 

Crypto millionaires are looking for a Plan B
The ascent of crypto assets has seen policymakers scrambling to implement new legal frameworks to regulate the rapidly evolving investment landscape. In this context, crypto traders, miners, and investors are seeing investment migration as an ideal mechanism to access opportunities in a range of jurisdictions where cryptocurrency is accepted and adopted in the financial ecosystem. 

Crypto millionaires are gravitating towards countries with innovative tech sectors, established crypto infrastructure, and transparent regulatory environments. Many of the most attractive countries offer investment migration programs, which serve as gateways to their crypto hubs of choice. 

Crypto-friendly investment migration options 
Singapore, ranked 1st on the Crypto Adoption Index, is considered one of the most favorable crypto hubs as its financial ecosystem is supportive of blockchain technology and it has a crypto-friendly fiscal policy in place. The government has also established one of the most progressive regulatory environments in the world for digital assets. Many techpreneurs in the crypto space have chosen to establish their pioneering businesses in Singapore, with the Singapore Global Investor Program, which grants a residence permit to entrepreneurs who invest in a new or existing company, an ideal vehicle for doing so.

As cryptocurrency investors explore new frontiers, many are opting for the Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Program and the Grenada Citizenship by Investment Program — both are hosted by politically stable, pro-investor destinations in the Caribbean that welcome cryptopreneurs and investor migrants. Antigua and Barbuda is committed to developing a dynamic crypto landscape dedicated to blockchain and innovation.

Malta, which offers residence and citizenship by naturalization solutions, has also emerged as a popular destination for crypto millionaires who prioritize a politically stable jurisdiction that has laws regulating and protecting virtual financial assets. 
Another European investment migration option favored by affluent crypto investors is the Portugal Golden Residence Permit Program. The government has been encouraging blockchain technology and innovation, focusing on building a pro-business environment by attracting techpreneurs to its shores.

Greece and
Spain are investor-friendly countries with accessible alternative residence programs that offer a compelling proposition for cryptocurrency investors as they provide numerous lifestyle benefits, safety, and political stability. Their governments are taking concerted steps to ensure that their regulatory and legal systems are optimized for the financial digital revolution that blockchain technology initiated.

Investment migration as a future-proofing strategy
Demand for investment migration continues to rise as a growing number of affluent individuals look to diversify their domiciles, secure better futures for their families, and build a safety net for their wealth.

Crypto millionaires need to continually evaluate privacy, tax optimization, and legacy planning as the regulatory landscape evolves. By utilizing investment migration as a mechanism to integrate their cryptocurrency wealth into stable and supportive jurisdictions, they can unlock opportunity and safeguard their digital assets for future generations.