Graeme Saggers: Succession Planning & Tax Disputes in South Africa with Nolands Partner

Succession Planning & Tax Disputes in South Africa: Interview with Nolands Partner

In this video, David talks to Graeme Saggers, a Head of Tax at Nolands in Cape Town about investing in South Africa and the interest and connectivity between the UK & South Africa. They also dive into Succession Planning concepts and discuss how Settlor control on trust structures is an issue. And for our younger audience, they touch upon how Next Gen clients are being brought into the conversation and how philanthropy is often discussed with clients. Residency in tax disputes is also a topic of discussion. Lastly, they touch on the key announcements expected in 2023. This video is packed with valuable information, so make sure to tune in and subscribe for more awesome content!
Graeme is passionate about helping companies and individuals be proactive and positive contributors to the growth of South Africa and the global economy. As Head of Tax at Nolands, he takes responsibility for all tax consulting for clients of Nolands. As Chairman of the Nolands South Africa Tax Practice Group and Vice Chairmen of the Europe, Middle East and Africa Region of the Geneva Group International (GGI) International Tax Practice Group, Graeme takes responsibility to educate colleagues on all relevant tax issues and build and grow the their tax service offering. Graeme is also a Lecturer at the University of Cape Town where he teaches on the Tax Honours and SA Tax Masters programmes. 
In this interview they also cover:

  • Graeme's background and experience
  • What kind of client do you work with investing in South Africa?
  • Is the government creating an environment that is attracting Foreign Direct Investment?
  • Tell us about your office overseas and how they came about?
  • What kind of interest and connectivity do you see between the UK & South Africa?
  • Do you see firms offshoring to South Africa?
  • When looking at Succession Planning in South Africa, what are some of the concepts you might discuss with clients?
  • Is Settlor control on trust structures a big issue?
  • Do you divide local and international assets into different structures?
  • What about beneficiaries and how they are involved in the structure?
  • How are Next Gen, younger clients being brought into the conversation?
  • Do you often discuss philanthropy with your clients?
  • Where do disputes arise with South African Revenue Service?
  • How is residency part of tax disputes?
  • Would South Africa bring in a statutory residence test?
  • What are some of the key announcements expected in 2023?

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