Christophe Numa: Everything You Need to Know About Investing in Gold & Silver Expert Talk

Christophe Numa: Everything You Need to Know About Investing in Gold & Silver Expert Talk.

Christophe Numa, Managing Director of Bunker Group Gold & Silver in Singapore, is here to answer some important questions for you. In this video, he'll explain the benefits of having a new office in Dubai for your business opportunities, the differences between owning physical gold versus other methods of investing, why buying a Gold ETF could be risky for investors, and whether it's worth discussing Gold versus Crypto. Plus, he'll talk about how investors around the world differ in their investment choices and what kind of costs and fees are involved.
With a strong entrepreneurial and management mindset, Christophe Numa comes with more than 10 years in the Wealth Management industry, with a focus in Precious Metals Investment.
After working at BNP Paribas France and handling business units in Eastern Europe/Central Asia, he is currently leading the development of Bunker Group in Asia. An innovative Singapore based company which aims to disrupt the Precious Metals market by connecting investors directly to the world's most reputable refineries in order to buy physical precious metal at the safest and most competitive prices. Christophe Numa graduated from one of the top 10 French Business Schools : Skema Business School.
In this interview they also cover:

  • What it is the opportunity for your business via the new office in Dubai?
  • What is the difference between owning physical gold and other ways of getting exposure to the asset class?
  • Why does buying a Gold ETF represent a risk for investors?
  • Gold vs Crypto? Is it worth discussing one versus the other?
  • Do you see differences between investors around the world?
  • What are the considerations for Gold storage locations?
  • What are private storage facilities like?
  • Where are private storage facailities typically located & secured?
  • What are the costs and fees for investors?
  • Gold Vs Real Estate or other assets?
  • What about other commodities?

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