Christine Cunniffe: Exploring British Education in South Africa

Christine Cunniffe: Exploring British Education in South Africa

In this interview, Christine Cunniffe, the Principal of LVS Ascot in Berkshire, England talks to David Bell about her experience with the UK education system and South African families. She shares valuable insights on what draws them to the British educational ethos, how the admissions process works and how children are welcomed into their school. With engaging stories of former pupils and expert advice on British education abroad, don't miss this informative and inspiring discussion. Tune in now!
Christine Cunniffe MBA is currently Principal of LVS Ascot in Berkshire and a member of the Executive for The Licensed Trade Charity.

Christie is responsible for the day to day leadership and management of the school as a business. Christine is the author of 'Transforming school culture through lesson observation; a collective and collaborative approach', is a boarding an educational quality inspector for ISI and Hon. Treasurer for The Society of Heads. Christine regularly appears on TV as voice of authority on education

Anne Klein is the Head of Solutions, Fiduciary Advice at FNB and RMB. Anne is an attorney, notary, and conveyancer, she holds a BIuris degree as well as an LLB, has full membership of STEP, serves on the FISA Disciplinary committee, was profiled in the Annual Guide to the World’s Top Lawyers 2021 and was awarded Fiduciary Lawyer of the Year: South Africa, 2019. Anne recently obtained the QFOP certification which she completed through the Family Office Club and the Investment Certification Institute in the US (Qualified Family Office Professional).

She has many years of experience within the fiduciary industry and forms the link between the advisory teams, the clients, and the philanthropy team.

In this interview they also cover:

  • How has your trip to Johannesburg been so far?
  • How familiar have people been with the UK education system?
  • What are South African families looking for in UK education?
  • What is the common age to join the school from somewhere like South Africa?
  • Tell us more about the ethos of British education?
  • Do you have examples of children who have come from South Africa?
  • How do you help children settle in?
  • What was the impact of COVID on the school?
  • How does the religious and moral aspects come through in the education?
  • What is the fee structure?
  • How does the admissions process work?
  • Do you have more trips planned for 2023?

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