Aug 18

Carlton Crabbe, CEO of Capital for Life: Insurance solutions for UHNW clients in the Middle East

Carlton Crabbe, CEO of Capital for Life: Dive into the Dynamic Middle Eastern Insurance Market

Are you curious about the insurance market in the Middle East?

In this interview, Carlton Crabbe, the CEO of Capital for Life, shares his expertise and insights on working with clients across the Middle East and on a global basis. He has a wealth of experience working in Dubai and is well-versed in the latest trends and client needs. You'll be surprised to learn that his cases are not limited to UK properties but extend to global assets as well.
Carlton also touches on property purchasing in the UK and investment activities in Saudi Arabia. 

In this interview they also cover:

  • It'd be interesting to hear more about your background in the business and your interest in the Saudi market.
  • What advantages do you think your experience being based in Dubai brings to your understanding of the client base and trends in the region compared to brokers based in the UK?
  • Are the cases you mentioned usually tied to UK property, or do they involve assets globally? And what are the primary driving factors?
  • What kind of contacts are you aiming to connect with during the November event?
  • What trends are driving the demand for insurance solutions among international investors in your market?
  • How do you perceive this trend influencing the decisions and structuring choices of individuals purchasing property in the UK?
  • What is the process for setting a new policy? Are medical evaluations required, and for someone based in Saudi Arabia, what does the journey entail?
  • What trends and activities related to investment and development have you noticed taking place within Saudi Arabia?
  • With various options available for insurance advice, what sets your services apart, especially for clients in Saudi Arabia?
  • Many pitfalls exist for the unaware. If someone's sole purpose is to sell policies, can clients face problems?

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