Aug 3

British expat couple retiring in the UAE - what you need to know

British expat couple retiring in the UAE - what you need to know

This discussion features Marie O’Neill, Managing Director of EER and Matt Duncan, Partner and Head of Private Wealth at Druces.  

Meet Charles Smith, a 60-year-old retired oil industry executive who has worked in the GCC for the last 25 years. In this video, we'll get to know more about his life, including his marriage to Sarah and their three adult children who live in the UK. We'll also discover his assets: three rental properties worth £900,000 and a pension plan worth £750,000 in Guernsey. Charles will also share with us his offshore investment bond wrapper worth £1M in the Isle of Man. Despite loving to visit the UK during summer, Charles has no plans to return to live there. 
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The scenario used for the discussion:

  • Charles Smith (60) is a recently retired Oil Industry executive. He worked across the GCC for the last 25 years.
  • He is married to Sarah (55) and they have 3 adult children (30, 27, 24) all of whom live in the UK.  
  • Charles was born in the UK where he met and married Sarah.    
  • He has 3 rental properties in Devon worth £900,000 in total.  
  • He also has £750,000 in an overseas pension plan in Guernsey and £1M saved via an offshore investment bond wrapper in the Isle of Man. 
  • During his working life, he worked in Saudi Arabia & Qatar, but wants to retire in Dubai.
  • Charles & Sarah love visiting the UK for the summer months but have no intention to return to live in the UK

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