Anne Klein: Philanthropy, Legacy Planning & Impact Investing in South Africa

Anne Klein Talks Philanthropy, Legacy Planning & Impact Investing in South Africa

Are you curious about philanthropy and legacy planning in South Africa? What strategies exist to ensure that your charitable donations can make the biggest difference in society?

In this conversation, David Bell talks to Anne Klein, Head of Fiduciary Advice at FNB on how to start conversations with clients who are considering philanthropy & legacy. Anne answers questions on tax incentives, ESG & Impact Investment, how families can create a sustainable change, and more.

Whether you’re just starting to consider how you want to give back or already know what cause you want to help, don’t miss out on this conversation.

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Anne Klein is the Head of Solutions, Fiduciary Advice at FNB and RMB. Anne is an attorney, notary, and conveyancer, she holds a BIuris degree as well as an LLB, has full membership of STEP, serves on the FISA Disciplinary committee, was profiled in the Annual Guide to the World’s Top Lawyers 2021 and was awarded Fiduciary Lawyer of the Year: South Africa, 2019.

Anne recently obtained the QFOP certification which she completed through the Family Office Club and the Investment Certification Institute in the US (Qualified Family Office Professional). She has many years of experience within the fiduciary industry and forms the link between the advisory teams, the clients, and the philanthropy team.

In this interview they also cover:
  • Anne's role & background
  • How do you start conversations with clients who are considering philanthropy & legacy?
  • Why are capturing stories about the family important?
  • How does family history help define and explain values?
  • Is producing a formal family charter valuable?
  • Are you seeing business assets being donated or held in charitable structures?
  • What tax incentives exist for clients engaged in philanthropy in South Africa?
  • How important is ESG & Impact Investment for philanthropic structures?
  • How important is incorporating social legacy into the family's vision?
  • How can families create a sustainable change?
  • How do you conduct your role as a philanthropy advisor?
  • What is your take on the venture philanthropy approach?
  • How can families take action if they are interested in getting started?
  • How do you help families consider what is important to them?
  • Which types of professionals do you typically work with?
  • Is working with charities satisfying, to see them making a difference?

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