Amol Prabhu: Private Wealth Management and the Great Wealth Transfer in Africa

Amol Prabhu on Private Wealth Management and the Great Wealth Transfer in Africa

Join David Bell and Amol Prabhu as they dive into an intriguing discussion about the #privatewealthsector and its impact on African entrepreneurs.

Drawing on his background in #investmentbanking, Amol will discuss his unique insights and approach when providing guidance to African entrepreneurs during the journey of growing and selling their businesses.

They will also delve into the Great Wealth Transfer and what factors need to be considered when determining when to sell a family business. 

Amol has accountability for all Barclays’ businesses across Private, Investment and Corporate #Banking in #Africa and specifically heads the Private Bank Africa business.

Amol has been with #Barclays for nearly 20 years, in a variety of roles across both Private and Investment Banking, focused on Emerging and Frontier Markets, while being based in #Dubai, #HongKong, #London and presently #Johannesburg.

In this interview they also cover:
  • Amol's background with Barclays
  • Does your investment banking background give you a different angle to private wealth conversations?
  • How do you add value to African entrepreneurs on their journey growing and potentially selling their business?
  • You were recently in London with a South African delegation, what did you observe on that trip?
  • What are the key concerns for clients at the moment?
  • How do you engage your colleagues in advising clients in specialist fields?
  • Do you match younger bankers with younger clients in a team approach to client service?
  • What is your perspective on The Great Wealth transfer and next gen clients?
  • How is documenting the family history helpful for the next gen of wealth families?
  • How might a family assess a good time to sell the family business?
  • What is your offering around Private Markets to family office clients?

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