Aug 3

A British Family Moving to Dubai in a case study - A Guide for Immigration, Real Estate & Business

A British Family Moving to Dubai in a case study - A Guide for Immigration, Real Estate & Business

This discussion features Marie O’Neill, Managing Director of EER and Laurence Black, Regional Director, Client Solutions, EMEA at Asiaciti Trust.  

Join us in this exciting video as we get to know Frank Stevens, a British technology entrepreneur who is moving to Dubai to expand his company's business in the Middle East. Not only is Frank looking for office space and new hires, but he also needs advice on immigration, finding a home, and choosing the best schools for his children. Watch as we follow him on his journey of setting up a new entity in Dubai, facing various challenges and obstacles along the way. Who knows what success lies ahead for Frank? You won't want to miss out on this thrilling adventure. Don't forget to like, share, and subscribe for more inspirational content.
Scenario used for the discussion:

  • Frank Stevens is a British Technology entrepreneur, 45, married to Heidi (Canadian National) with two children (15, 11).  
  • Frank is relocating to Dubai to set up a new office for his company based on growth in Middle East clients.
  • From a personal perspective, he needs advice on immigration, finding a property & schools for children.
  • From a business perspective, he is looking for office space, to hire 5-8 staff and corporate governance support for the new entity.
  • Frank has pre-existing wealth including:
  • 2M GBP holiday home in France
  • 5M GBP home in London, which they intend to retain for use when in UK
  • 10M GBP portfolio of Global Equities managed by an international bank in Singapore
  • 5M GBP Carried Interest from previous venture owned via Cayman vehicle
  • Frank will accumulate substantial wealth while resident in Dubai over the next 10 years if all goes well.  
  • He wanted to provide for his children to undertake university study in the US or Europe & buy their first home. 
  • He wants advice on wealth planning and how he should structure and invest newly created wealth while UAE resident.

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